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the_red_string's Journal

The Red String of Fate Claims
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『 The Red String 』


Welcome to "The Red String Of Fate" claiming community!

Here you can claim anybody you want. It can be an Animanga character, a Livejournal user, ect. Anything!

Please check the claims list before claiming! Also, please follow the bellow rules while doing your claim.

1. Please state your claims full name and fandom they come from. Please but the name in bold, too.
2. You may claim 1 person. That's it. Oh, you can claim 2 if you pimp this to your Livejournal. |D
3. To make your claim, please join and post an entry in this community. Put "Fate" somewhere in the entry subject line so I know you have read the rules.
4. Once I reply with "Added" that means your claim has been added to our claiming list.
5. Please link back in your profile or somewhere with something such as "I claimed ___ at the_red_string claims!"
6. Have fun and invite your friends here ♥

Also please check out our affiliate claim_a_waifu

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